Why we are all Architects of change

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Recently a friend asked me for a definition of “personal growth”. I told her that for me personal growth is the feeling of achieving something everyday, however small it may be. That I made progress and that I feel stronger or better then I was feeling yesterday.“Most people would say “Cool, I want that too! But what does this actually mean for me? And where do I even start?”
First of all we need to become aware of our thoughts. The average human produces 40.000 thoughts a day. That is 40.000 chances to feel good or bad. And even the most positive people produce 70% negative thoughts. So what does this tell us?
It tells us that our own mind does not always support us in achieving what we want. That it actually feels better when we decide to stay where we are. This is why it is called the comfort zone. But where does this come from? Why does our own mind prevent us from living the life that we desire? The answer is surprisingly simple

The Caveman

When we feel bad or depressed and we want to make changes in our life, our mind will always tell us “wait a minute, this is potentially dangerous!” That is why we are afraid of change, of new and unknown things. It just doesn’t feel good.Our mind still reacts to danger in exactly the same way as it did thousands of years ago. When in wintertime the caveman was looking for shelter and stumbled upon a cavern, only to find out it was already occupied by a giant bear he had just woken from hibernation, the options were limited: fight or flight!
Today the danger is no longer a hungry bear but the stress of our everyday work and relationships. Today the bear doesn’t live here anymore, but the angry boss does. And so does the demanding partner, and those cheeky little rascals… Yet this is reality we cannot fight or run away from, we have to face it every day. Or can we?

Thoughts become things

For real change to happen we have to ask ourselves the right questions. What do we really want? Why is this so important for us? And how can we achieve this?Now here is the most important step.As long as thoughts remain thoughts, nothing will happen. The key is to write them down on paper, because that is where the Process of Creation starts. Questions will turn into answers and answers will turn into actions. By taking action towards our dreams, the life we desire will manifest. During our open seminar on 1 December we will take a deep dive into this process of creation. Piet and I will share a great number of valuable insights, together with the necessary steps to bring you closer to the realization of your personal goals.

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