“My life, My choices!”: A look back at our first Evening Sessions

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“My life, my choices”. This was the theme of our Evening Sessions last month. We welcomed more than 200 professionals for this wonderful first sessions. The evenings were filled with insight, inspiration and we were glad to experience first-hand such enthusiasm from the people present. Here’s a short recap of the evenings and some takeaways.

The timing of these Evening Sessions was all but random. As a new year starts, we all take some time to reflect and evaluate. We all realize that a lot of the outcomes in our professional or personal lives are a result of the choices that we made at some point in our lives. Choices related to attitude, action, or focus. Choices that affect our personal and professional relationships. That realization is empowering, because it teaches us a lot about ourselves, our peers and how to navigate our personal or professional life.

From insight to growth

The evening session was a great way to introduce ourselves to like-minded people, who are actively investing in their personal growth and development.
In addition, Piet shared his personal story, on how he gained some essential insights by consciously analyzing his own life choices. He then went on to give some tips on the elements needed to turn insights into perspective and a vision for your life.
Hendrik then went further into the importance of action, and how to frame the way you look at you life, in order to “trick” yourself into being positive and not standing in your own way to achieve your goals. The choice is yours.

The ongoing personal development journey

The evening was filled with ‘aha’ moments and conceptual ideas on how to enhance personal development. Of course, this was just a forum, a moment of reflection to better understand where the potential for each and every one of us lies, as different individuals with different hopes and dreams, goals and values.
It’s just a beginning to reach for answers to questions like: ‘what is holding me back?’, ‘how can I strengthen my personal and professional relationships’, ‘how do I lead my team to better results through inspiring leadership?’, ‘ how do I boost my sales’,‘ how do I captivate an audience’ etc. BIGmouse dives deeper in these questions throughout the Personal Impact Program: a series of trainings dedicated to accelerate your growth and success. You can ask for more information during one of our events or leave us a message through our website.
After the programme, our guests enjoyed the more informal conversation during the after-drink. Check out more pictures on our facebook page. We hope to see many of you at one of our next events and we hope you gained a new perspective on your choices, your life. See you next time!

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