May I ask you something?

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There’s a very powerful tool all of us have at our disposal. The impact of this overlooked tool can go to extraordinary lengths. It can lay ground for beginnings, open doors to problem-solving, fuel conversations and deduct meaning. In fact a tool that children use on a regular basis.

That secret or invisible power we all possess, is the ability to Ask. Questions are at the foundation of understanding, insight and knowledge. That’s why when we are young we practically bombard our parents and peers with questions. The act of formulating a question, already puts our brain to work, and prepares us to accommodate reason and learning.

Questions train your brain to find answers and solutions. That’s why asking an sich is an exercise; a first step towards truth and understanding, and holds as such value – we might say, there are indeed no ‘stupid’ questions. Asking for something forces us to explore the motivations behind what we want and what we want to achieve.

Regardless if you think those one annoying colleague’s questions are stupid, it is quite possible that a person that has the curiosity, will to learn, and courage to ask will be well equipped to get what they want. So asking for a raise, asking for help, asking for information, .. all these inquiries have a better chance to come true once you put them out there.

But there’s another angle to the story. Not only are we curious creatures with needs, wants, desires and dreams. We recognize these drives in each other as well. There is an innate feature in most of us, that makes us feel good when we can ‘give’ and help other people. And this is not something to take advantage of, rather something to appreciate in each other and give back in return.

So realize how empowering it is to Ask. Not only to ‘get something’ out of a situation, but as well to pose the right questions to make people think, see the things through another perspective, learn and understand more about people and life. A special kind of power, that emerges through the questions we ask ourselves as well:

  • Am I making my family/friends proud?
  • What good thing will I be remembered for?
  • Am I leading a healthy life?
  • What could I change in my life right now that would substantially increase my well being?
  • How might we increase results for project X?

At BIGmouse we make sure to ask the right questions, relevant for each person, team or organisation. Find out more about our approach and check out some of the topics for inspiration. What would you like to ask us?

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