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Within the BIGmouse Corporate Academy we develop trainings and seminars focused on the specific needs of your organization. We guarantee a tailor-made training experience focussing on real personal and professional development.

Every business or organisational challenge needs to be supported by the people themselves, that is why we lend our expertise for guidance and support during growth and transformation processes through BIGmouse Corporate Solutions.

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hendrik from bigmouse


Right from the start of my professional career I had a fascination for the power of personal growth and development.

I regularly take an ‘inspiration break’ to reload and gain new insights and ideas. These fixed moments to take note, to oversee my activities and to adjust where necessary, constitute the common thread in my own life.

My ‘Magic Energy Box’ can take the form of an in-depth conversation, an inspiring book or a long journey to ‘unplug’ totally. ‘Me-time’ ginving me the confidence and the conviction to coach you towards a breakthrough in your life and to inspire you to take your life into your own hands.

Because helping you to become the best version of yourself is my passion!

piet from bigmouse


For nearly 25 years I’ve had a passion for inspiring people. During that period I have inspired over 4000 people to get the best out of themselves. With BIGmouse I can finally share my personal practical experiences and insights with each of you, providing you with directly applicable tools to get the best out of yourself, both personally and professionally.

Because seeing other people grow gives me energy!