personal growth seminar

Architect of my Own life

Want to dig deeper after the Evening Session? “Architect of my Own life” is the next logical step. Because your life needs a motivating environment, a healthy base for strong foundations, a well-considered design. Just like any successful construction project, your life needs all these ingredients in order to turn into a dream project.

Discover the recipe, the ingredients and the tools you need to turn your life into a masterpiece during ‘Architect of my Own life’.

‘Architect of my Own life’ is a one-day seminar, providing you with new insights and tools to take your life into your own hands in a motivated way.


“"Architect of my Own life" accelerated my personal development. The seminar encourages you to look for the things that can set in motion. The handy tips made everything very concrete. My ultimate goal was clear. Divided into manageable, small steps, the future is now within reach.”
Jules Herten
Executive consultant, Smart Services Network
“"Architect of my Own life" is a must for everyone. We spend so much time on useless things. Taking 1 day to work on self-development is therefore not a superfluous luxury. It’s a valuable investment in your professional life and therefore also in your personal life.”
Anissa Mediouni
CEO, Engel & Völkers Yachting