training authenticity

Methodology Training Academy

We are training architects who design tailor-made training courses for each client.

At BIGmouse we go for an “out of the box” experience.


During an initial interview we get to know you and your company.

Your need

Together we define the training needs, which are most appropriate for your company.


We determine how we can fulfill these needs.


We design a tailor-made training.


The training itself, “hands-on” and “out of the box”.


Feedback, follow-up and next steps.

Experience BIGmouse trainings

BIGmouse designs tailor-made training courses in the field of leadership, communication, sales, work-life balance and change.

leadership coaching


Help people to use their full potential. It gives satisfaction and leads to growth and maximum performance for your organization.  Discover the true meaning of good leadership.


You achieve the best results in an environment where people know exactly what is expected of them.  How do you make clear agreements and how do you give crystal-clear feedback?  Become a master in communicating with feeling and impact.

communications training
coaching sales


We know that commercial people are always looking for additional knowledge and personal growth.  Don’t let the sales engine of your company get stuck, but change the oil regularly.

Work-Life Balance

Bringing together personal and professional goals leads to more satisfaction and a better quality of life.  Happy employees simply perform better.

work-life balance coach
coaching change


Change is the new normal… Control the controllable and embrace change as an opportunity.