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Free Evening Session: The DNA of the Athlete-Entrepreneur​

I can hear you think: what could a free evening seminar possibly teach me?

But even in a few hours, BIGmouse can inspire you and make you think. About how to keep the wind in your sails as an entrepreneur. About how to convert setbacks into victories much like an athlete. About the importance of a motivating coach …

Because the Athlete-Entrepreneur has a specific DNA of which BIGmouse has unraveled the four essential ingredients.

Do you also want to discover how your DNA matches that of the Athlete-Entrepreneur?

Then participate in the free Evening Session ‘The DNA of the Athlete-Entrepreneur’; without a doubt your perfect first conscious choice on the way to more satisfaction and success in your life…

A taste of BIGmouse for everyone!

Architect van Je Eigen Leven

Want to dig deeper after the Evening Session? “Architect of my Own Life” is the next logical step. Because your life needs a motivating environment, a healthy base for strong foundations, a well-considered design. Just like any successful construction project, your life needs all these ingredients in order to turn into a dream project.

Discover the recipe, the ingredients and the tools you need to turn your life into a masterpiece during ‘Architect of my Own Life’.

‘Architect of my own life’ is a one-day seminar, providing you with new insights and tools to take your life into your own hands in a motivated way.

Personal Impact Program

It’s almost impossible to get more personal. In the Personal Impact Program, your personality and your life are analyzed by the BIGmouse scanner. Next, you can make the diagnosis yourself and prescribe the desired personal treatment.

During this three-day trip you will learn how you can create ‘key moments’ in your life. How you can bring about positive change based on a proven step-by-step plan. How you can put your subconscious to work and how, by asking the right questions before you go to bed, you can find the desired answers when you wake up!

We show you the real meaning of ‘putting effort in your company’. And especially: in the ‘company’ you are yourself!

Master Your Audience

It’s an art: learning how to keep captivating your audience? Whether it’s for 10 or 100 spectators: how can I become the master of my audience and how can I keep their attention?

‘Master Your Audience’ prepares you both appearance- and contentwise. Because only if content and form are strong, you will leave an impact! Bring your message across with energy, conviction and enthusiasm. Gain more self-confidence and discover the secret of storytelling.

‘Master Your Audience’ is an in-depth ‘workshop’ where we use video recordings for maximum results.

Boost Your Sales

Would you like to perfect your sales qualities?

Learn how to get more return from your customer contacts?

How to attract and more specifically to retain the attention of your customers?

‘Boost Your Sales’ teaches you to better organize the sales structure within your company and to prepare a concrete actionplan. Both the sale of services and products are discussed. You gain insight into methods to increase your conversion ratio, to optimize your customer loyalty and to gather more references.

‘Boost Your Sales’ offers added value for everyone with a sales-link. Managers with sales-persons, managers of a sales-team and sales-persons themselves can expect a huge ‘boost’!


Where the Evening Session makes you snorkel and Architect of Your Own Life lets you dive, we go deep-sea diving during the multi-day courses.

With the multi-day courses we take a deep dive into your personal life, you are immersed in sales techniques and we explore presentation skills. Theory is always linked to practice with direct feedback, tailor-made. After our seminars, you’ll take home all the insights you’ll have gained.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!