personal development coaching

Personal Impact Program

It’s almost impossible to get more personal. In the Personal Impact Program, your personality and your life are analyzed by the BIGmouse scanner. Next, you can make the diagnosis yourself and prescribe the desired personal treatment.

During this three-day trip you will learn how you can create ‘key moments’ in your life. How you can bring about positive change based on a proven step-by-step plan. How you can put your subconscious to work and how, by asking the right questions before you go to bed, you can find the desired answers when you wake up!

We show you the real meaning of ‘putting effort in your company’. And especially: in the ‘company’ you are yourself!


"Thanks to the 'Personal Impact Program' I learned to use my potential optimally with handles that can immediately be used in my life. My self-confidence was boosted during the three-day period and the vision of my goals was clarified. This gives me the safety and wisdom I need to make decisions. That feeling is really priceless.”
Michaël Pinto
Managing Director, Nexance
"PIP painted a clear picture of my current life and a clear vision of my future life. I now dare to make ample plans for future success, taking into account my priorities and values."
Philippe Martens
National Managing Consultant, Telecommunication