Keynote Speaker

Let us take your event to a higher level together!


as your keynote speaker

From a young age I have always been attracted to the stage. As a keynote speaker, presenter and moderator for various organizations I was able to moderate and present during numerous company events and seminars, both live on stage and via live-stream video.



In my opinion, when it comes to moderating an event or sharing a company’s message as a keynote speaker, doing so with passion is the key to getting your company’s message across.

That is why I love to inject my energy and drive into my presentations and combine my infectious enthusiasm with the necessary humor. My ability to react spontaneously to different situations will always maximize the involvement of the audience.

As a “bridger” between different corporate organizations and their respective sales networks, I always look for the right balance to get your message across.

Thanks to my language skills and stage experience I feel like a fish in water presenting in English, Dutch, French and Portuguese.

Let us take your event to a higher level together!