Leadership Development

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.

NEW – Hybrid Working

  • Get to know the power of a morning routine
  • Deal with potential disruptors
  • Understanding focus and the remnant of attention
  • Coping with time stealers & time robbers
  • Creating your perfect home office environment
  • Become an expert in time & priority management
  • Build an effective (home work) organization
  • The importance of your “one thing”


From our personal experience, we can tell you that no one is born a natural leader. We believe it is the competencies and skills you develop that will make the winning difference. So whether you were born with a talent for leadership or not, if you want to be a leader, you will have to work to develop yourself and learn the specific qualities that are essential for good leadership.

Because leaders are not born, they are made.


Our LDP is a module with several building blocks, which we tailor to your organization and teams, depending on the pre-existing experience of your leaders. That is why our LDP is the ideal training program for aspiring leaders as well as more experienced leaders. To ensure the best results, we recommend that you combine our LDP with personal coaching for your key players.



Day 1 – Personal Leadership: “If it has to be, it starts with me”

  • Master the art of self management
  • Become an expert in time & priority management
  • Learn how to control the controllable
  • Become a pleasure worker instead of a pain worker
  • Optimize your work organization

Day 2 – Your Leadership Style: “How to adapt to people and circumstances”

  • Get to know your leadership style
  • Learn how to adapt your leadership style to the situation
  • Learn how to distinguish and recognize the different types of people
  • Adapt your leadership style to your peers and colleagues
  • Learn the traits of good leadership

Day 3 – The Leadership Tools: “Getting the best out of people”

  • Set professional targets
  • Become an expert in planning and follow-up
  • Make clear agreements with your colleagues
  • Learn how to delegate effectively
  • Master the art of motivation

Day 4 – The Leader and Conflict Management: “How conflicts will help you grow”

  • Better to prevent than to cure
  • Get to know the “Dafalgan Syndrome”
  • Learn about the conflict management styles
  • Adapt your conflict management style to people and circumstances
  • Master the art of conflict management

Day 5 – Leadership in times of Change: “How to make people embrace change”

  • How does change work?
  • Learn how to deal with change
  • Start with why
  • Change and the “Magic Energy Box”
  • Talent vs. competence
  • An introduction to EGO-balance